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In March 2023 Maeve Stone led a creative team in making a short film called ‘The Last Harvest’.  The film is set Ireland 2112, where the main character Helen wakes one morning to discover an invasive species has infected her young community’s wheat crop. she must do everything she can to save it for the children to survive. 

“What does Ireland look like in 100 years? 

And, what will ‘family’ look like in a 100 years?”


The ‘Sowing Seeds’ documentary was born from the companies interest in matching the on screen themes with efforts behind the scenes to make the work as a pilot project in sustainable short filmmaking. The documentary takes an in-depth look at the making of ‘The Last Harvest’, following all the people involved and their individual contributions to making this an environmentally ethical production.


The work was supported by Siobhan Mulcahy in Clare County Council Arts Office and Sheila Deegan in Creative Ireland. The documentary was commissioned by Athrach and directed, produced and edited by Alex Gill, Cracking Light Productions. Co-written and featuring Aoibheann McCann.



A carbon data report  on the making of the film ‘The Last Harvest’ was also commissioned as part of the overall project, the report was produced by carbon data analyst Ken Lyons and is available to access HERE.



Native Events were delighted to work with the team to provide multiple power solutions and support via energy consultancy. This included a Wattsun portable solar power system – ideal for this film set as it is completely silent and can be charged by the sun using a solar array, or by renewable energy from a grid connection. This set-up was perfect for this project as it meant the team could power the shoot in remote outdoor areas, taking it well and truly off the grid.

For more information on more environmentally sustainable event production and solar energy solutions just contact us on +353 (0)83 020 4525 or email