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Green Artist & Touring

Increasingly, artists and tour managers are becoming aware of the carbon footprint of touring, and are searching for ways to understand and reduce their impact.

Native are here to help! We have curated a unique suite of tools, tailored for the creative industries, to help unpick the complexities of touring. Our wealth of experience in small to large scale shows will help you plan with an environmentally-friendly focus.

We will introduce your tour to new waste reduction policies, procurement policies, green riders and smart power plans. Working with us guarantees your tour will have impact, but not on the environment!

Five keys steps to reducing the impacts of touring

Working with a five step plan starts with measuring – gathering qualitative data about the impacts and emissions from your tour. This allows us to identify areas for improvement and set realisable targets. We help you to avoid unnecessary travel and waste creation.

Through increased efficiency, we can help to reduce emissions from travel and energy use in the show’s production. We’ll help you replace single-use plastics with reusables, and revise your catering menu using local producers and in-season, organic food offerings. Finally, using calculated CO2 data, we will help you to offset the emissions from your tour – helping you reach carbon neutrality.

We can work with you on your tour or production

Before the tour, we work with you to -

  • Set targets and goals, and develop robust tour management policies
  • Maximise efficiency in production design
  • Minimise the freight & energy demands of tour production
  • Map the route – decreased travel time = decreased emissions = win-win
  • Develop criteria for choice of venue, including audience accessibility
  • Make informed transport choices, assessing overland and sea travel
  • Use environmentally-certified accommodation 
  • Develop ethically made and sustainably produced merchandise

On Tour we can help with -

  • Gathering emissions data
  • Waste monitoring and reduction 
  • Go single-use plastic free
  • Set up water stations
  • Climate engagement for your crew and audience
  • Create an eco-village at your shows to raise awareness
  • Run environmentally-led competitions
  • Foster strong partnerships with stakeholders

After the tour we will -

  • Conduct a post-tour analysis
  • Survey crew and audience for impact assessment
  • Measure and report on CO2 emissions
  • Use the Creative IG Tools for accurate reporting
  • Provide advice on offsetting emissions
  • Create a PR and media suite to publish results
  • Make recommendations and set new targets for further productions

“In an emergency context, business as usual regardless of its nature, high profile or popularity is unacceptable”


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We would love to work with you!