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Auditing & Reporting

We believe that the secret to sustainability lies in access to great data. At Native, we have the experience and know-how with a full suite of tools to facilitate a deep dive into your operations.

We start the process by capturing vital information around your energy use, CO2 emissions and calculating your carbon footprint. We look at waste and resource management and identify where to make improvements, in order to achieve results.

By being discerning with our toolbox, our audit is customisable to suit all different types of organisations. This process in turn forms the basis for an actionable sustainability strategy.

Our Tools

Specialising in the skilled delivery sustainable events, we bring expert tools to tackle commonly encountered problems

Creative Green Carbon Calculator

A comprehensive, creative industry-specific carbon calculator developed by our friends at Julies Bicycle UK

Zap Smart Power

Providing accurate power requirement information to design efficient and environmentally-friendly power supply for your activity

Smart Waste

A fantastic software tool to improve waste management, recycling and circularity

Go Carbon Neutral

Our Irish partner for carbon offsetting through the planting of native Irish woodlands, mitigating climate impact and contributing to biodiversity enhancement


An in-depth evaluation and monitoring tool to assist organisations in the transition towards circularity

Venue Assessment

Native’s custom tool for Ireland’s cultural centres allowing us to benchmark the sector and underpinning workable, transformative organisational change

Strategies & Roadmaps

Training & Workshops

Smart Waste & Material Recovery

Green Artist & Touring

Carbon Offsetting


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