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Carbon Offsetting

At Native, our overarching vision is to transform the cultural sector into a more sustainable, circular and regenerative model. This ethos is the foundation and guiding principle for everything that we do.

As trained environmental scientists and systems-thinkers, we are deeply aware of the ecological crisis we face as a global society in the early 21st century. The combined issues of biodiversity loss and climate change are our major challenges.

Through our work and research, we have made the decision to advocate for and promote Nature-based Solutions to our combined challenges. Restoring degraded ecosystems to revitalise our local and global life support system, while working with local communities and fostering a reconnection to nature, is our primary goal.

It is for this reason that we have chosen to partner with Go Carbon Neutral for carbon offsetting initiatives. Our aim through this partnership is to enable our cultural and event partners to be carbon neutral, and to aspire towards carbon neutrality for Native Events.

This partnership reflects our own goals for the following reasons:

  • Woodlands planted by GCN are all native to Ireland such as oak, ash, birch, and alder, from seeds that have been sourced and cultivated in Ireland.
  • Highest international standards for planting and managing forests are followed.
  • The woodlands are placed in a trust to ensure they will never be clear-felled (cut down), and where the primary mandate is to oversee the protection of the woodlands in perpetuity.
  • The forest management methodology is called Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) to protect and foster the woodlands to become healthy and established as quickly as possible.

Using our customised tools and tailored approach, we will measure your organisation’s carbon impact and use Go Carbon Neutral to offset these emissions locally in Ireland, providing vital habitat restoration for our native flora and fauna.

Find out more by visiting our partner’s website here:

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