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Eco Event Hire

Having spent nearly 20 years managing events across Ireland, the UK and further afield, we came to realise that environmentally-friendly options for equipment just weren’t easily available for hire, especially on our home island. So we combined our knowledge, experience, passion and creativity, and we created our own.

We take a systems approach to smart power planning, giving us the in-depth understanding required to supply solar solutions to your event while maximising efficiency. We have a suite of temporary solar solutions for outdoor events, with solar-powered sound systems, small and large capacity batteries, a solar office and a large solar array available for hire. Further event equipment and solutions are available including sustainable and circular signage, reusable cups (both branded and unbranded) and upcycled furniture and decor. 

Get in touch to find out more about our range of sustainable event and production equipment, keeping your show in the green and maximising the experience!

Solar Generators

Solar Soundsystems

Off Grid Office


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