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This month marks the launch of a pioneering initiative aimed at transforming festivals and events into environmentally conscious spaces for all to enjoy. The Guide to Plastic-Free Festivals and Events, is a comprehensive resource designed to help organisers, vendors, and stakeholders reduce plastic waste and embrace circular economy practices.

Officially launched to mark Earth Day 2024 and it’s Planet Vs. Plastics theme the guide was given an initial introduction at a recent event with Minister Ossain Smyth and members of the Regional Waste Management Planning Offices, at CHQ Dublin.

IMAGE: Minister Ossian Smyth with Megan Best, CEO Native Events and Aíne May Hughes, Native Events

“As any event organiser will tell you, creating an event of any size or scale is an exercise in multi-stakeholder engagement. Making a change in operations – a transition away from single-use plastic is a great example – means communicating and engaging with lots and lots of people. When we were creating this guide, we were very aware of this, and that’s why it contains a step-by-step roadmap for making the switch. We were delighted to collaborate on this important project with the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications and with the brilliant folks in the Regional Waste Management Planning Office and we’re even more delighted to be launching the guide now!”

-Megan Best, CEO Native Events

This impactful project is a collaborative effort, made possible by the partnership between the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications, The Regional Waste Management Planning Offices and Native Events. Together, we have pooled our expertise to create a roadmap for hosting events that minimise plastic usage, promote recycling, and prioritise environmental stewardship.

So, what exactly does this guide entail?

  1. Single-use Plastic Reduction and Elimination Strategies: From the the obvious culprits to the event specific materials, the guide offers practical strategies for reducing plastic waste at every step of the process. Whether you’re organising a music festival, a food fair, or a community gathering, you’ll find actionable tips for making your event more sustainable.
  2. Reusable Cup Roadmap:  The guide provides a clear step by step roadmap for introducing reusable cups to your event so that organisers, bar operators, vendors and sponsors can seamlessly transition away from single-use plastic. 
  3. Measurable Impact: The guide also emphasises the importance of tracking and measuring reuse, with a dedicated worksheet where single-use plastic cups and reusable cups can be compared.. By calculating potential and real carbon emissions reductions, organisers can see the benefits of phasing out and eliminating single-use plastic.

As Ireland embarks on this poignant journey towards a plastic-free future, we encourage event organisers, vendors, and attendees alike to join us in embracing sustainability and create unforgettable experiences that leave a positive impact on the planet.

To access the Guide to Plastic-Free Festivals and Events and learn more about this groundbreaking initiative, visit or download the guide here

The Guide has now launched!

If you’d like to share this guide on your social media or directly with your team or members we have included some useful social media fact posts as well as press images, logos, which can all be downloaded from our digital assets folder here.

With thanks The Regional Waste Management Planning Offices, The Department of Environment, Climate and Communications and Native Events for their leadership and commitment to creating this impactful and innovative guide.