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“Don’t outsource your waste problem completely. Learn about it and take ownership of the problem. Work closely with the waste contractor instead of leaving them to sweep it under the rug.”


As the festival season unfolds and people venture out to enjoy the myriad of events, local foodie offerings and live entertainment on offer across the country, here at Native we’re working alongside organisers, community groups and local authorities, to help reduce the environmental impacts of outdoor events.

From overflowing bins, confusing signage and discarded tents, to public transport options and parking problems, outdoor events have become a hotbed of contention for both audiences and organisers. However, current systems and budget restrictions can prove difficult for event organisers to navigate when attempting to be more environmentally sustainable.

“Litter and waste volumes are huge at events and now the spotlight is on it more often….” says Circular Events Lead at Native Events, Josh Brownlow on the importance of Smart Waste services and initiatives: “The volumes are increasing each year even though considerably more attention is being spent on the topic. Native Events’ Smart Waste Management focuses only on solutions that decrease waste, increase audience engagement with waste and increase recycling rates.”  

Josh goes on to add “This way, confusing, blurry and unclear pathways that waste companies are following are removed so as to keep an eye on the prize: reduce the amount of waste we produce and manage what is created with consideration, skill and pride.”

With more than a decade of experience of trialing sustainable campsite initiatives, and with successes and learnings to share, we bring expert solutions to tackle commonly encountered issues such as waste, layout and insufficient resources.  Our vision is to marry circular principles with co-creation, to reduce waste and promote responsible behaviour through a customised and considered management system, including:

  • Strategic planning of dedicated waste disposal sites
  • Effective and efficient signage at event and on bins
  • Awareness and educational marketing for staff and attendees (both online and in person)
  • Evaluation and reporting of waste management effectiveness

From layout and design, logistics and simple signage, to clear messaging, communications and marketing, work with us to reduce your waste and improve your festival waste management. Increase efficiency for your organisation and convenience for attendees, all while encouraging a pro-environmental culture.  

Contact us here to discuss your outdoor event and explore all the smart waste solutions we can support you with.