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Smart Power & Energy Monitoring

Native Events are the only service provider in Ireland with the cutting-edge monitoring tools essential for creating and delivering a smart power plan. Working closely with industry leaders, Zap Concepts, we specialise in energy assessment, measurement and logging to design optimal power supplies for live events.

Our integrated approach is customisable to your event. We perform energy audits to tailor solutions and educate stakeholders (e.g. lighting technicians, traders etc.). Our design is based on in-field experience, balancing technical know-how with practical, hands-on delivery.

Smart Power

Smart power plans save you money and cut down on localised harmful emissions, while also reducing your event’s carbon footprint.

A fresh approach to power management for large scale public events, with a focus on delivering efficiencies through the implementation of Zap Concepts unique smart power plan.

  • Matching energy production to actual demand
  • Integrating renewables and energy storage systems
  • Reducing fuel burn and carbon footprint
  • Monitoring performance and tracking emissions

Collaborating with ZAP Concepts who offers consultancy in energy & sustainability; specialising in energy assessment, measurement & logging, together with the design of optimal power supplies for live events, through the use of our unique & internationally awarded Smart Power Plan.

Delivering efficiencies through energy conservation, innovation and creative tech solutions, we can deliver any size show or power project.

Event Management & Crewing

Campsite Management

Bespoke Off-Grid Builds


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