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Bespoke Off-Grid Builds

We have spent the last number of years researching and developing custom-designed solar power systems. These solutions make perfect sense for off-grid builds, caravans and campervans, trailers and even construction sites!

Our modern life, full of technology and always on the go, creates demand for versatile charging facilities for mobile phones, tablets, laptops cameras and other USB charged electronics. We have created high-quality Solar Device Charging Kits to keep you switched on and in the green! These solar charging kits are complemented by USB Battery Backup Chargers and USB Camp Lights. Great for event production, markets, trade shows, festivals, film and TV production as well as camping, hiking and all sorts of outdoor sports!

We can also create custom power solutions based on your specific needs. Over the past few years, we have seen growing demand for renewable energy systems, leading us to work on innovative, on-site solar power production. Our solar technician will assess your power requirements and custom-design an application just for you, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability.

Working with us to introduce solar generators to your operations reduces your dependence on fossil fuels by cutting diesel usage for traditional generators. Our solar generators are compact and portable, allowing for easy placement and movement.

Smart Power & Energy Monitoring

Event Management & Crewing

Campsite Management


We would love to work with you!