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Campsite Management

Specialising in the skilled delivery of large-scale campsite management, we bring expert solutions to tackle commonly encountered campsite issues such as waste, layout and insufficient resources.

Festival campsites have become a hotbed of contention for both audiences and organisers. Native are here to help! We have more than a decade of green campsite management systems and successes to share.

Our innovative approach to campsite management was born as a direct response to the excessive waste produced and littered at festival campsites. Through combining our extensive festival experience, gained over the course of more than 10 years, with our vision to marry circular principles with co-creation, we reduce festival waste and promote responsible behaviour through a vastly improved festival campsite management system.

Work with us to improve campsite management and layout for increased organisation and attendee convenience, encourage pro-environmental behaviour through marketing, layout and management, increase waste separation at point of disposal through communication, signage and dedicated volunteers, and decrease campsite equipment waste through the use of pre-pitched and rental services.

We can help you with

Pre Event Planning

  • Social Marketing Campaign Development
  • Full Campsite Sustainability
  • Campsite Management & Layout Design
  • Eco Friendly Vendor Policy
  • Food and Material Donation System
  • Green Team Development & Sourcing
On Site Management

  • Management of pre-pitched camping suppliers
  • Volunteer Liaison
  • Security Liaison
  • Recovery & Management Campsite Materials
  • Site & Sustainability Signage & Messaging
  • Onsite Data Collection and Surveying
Promoting Behaviour Change

  • Campsite guests behaviour change is our primary goal
  • Festivals reduce their carbon footprint
  • Tackling social disorder and wasteful practices 
  • Responding to outdated sustainability strategies 
  • Reversing inadequate social architecture
Community Construction

  • Community architecture
  • Campsite community events
  • Signage and symbols 
  • Fostering a collective identity 
  • Creating active stakeholders
Post Event Reporting

  • Campsite Management Report
  • Sustainability Audit
  • Waste Management Report
  • Resource Allocation Report
  • Post Event Survey & Report
Waste & Energy Monitoring

  • Accurate data on energy use
  • Design more efficient energy plans
  • Reduce diesel bills and unnecessary transport
  • Audit waste collection
  • Ensure clean streams of waste materials
  • Reduce waste created towards a circular economy

Smart Power & Energy Monitoring

Event Management & Crewing

Bespoke Off-Grid Builds


We would love to work with you!