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Reusable Cups

At Native Events, we believe that events, cultural activities and festivals have the capacity to ignite the imagination of society. Events can and must be champions of reuse – moving beyond waste management and recycling, towards truly sustainable and circular practices. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering the perfect solution for your event.

Our Specialties


As industry experts, we understand that every event is unique. Our in-depth consultation process aims to give us a good understanding of your event and your specific requirements. Based on this knowledge, we will advise on the range and quantity of reusable cups you need and whether a purchase or rental solution is the best fit for your event.


If your event is a one-off or an annual event, we suggest that you choose the most environmentally sound solution for your serveware, which is to rent our range of sustainable, premium quality cups. Each of these reusable cups carries an environmental message, ensuring that audiences and customers can get on board with your event’s sustainable ethos.


If your venue is using reusable hot or cold cups on a more frequent basis, you may wish to customise your cups. If this is the case, we can offer you the opportunity to buy or rent these from one of the resuabale cup suppliers we work with, and still receive the logistical solution of delivery, collection, washing & sanitising. We can also provide a storage solution for those who are short of space.

Deposit Return Scheme

Many festivals and events recoup the cost of the service through a deposit return scheme where the customer pays a deposit – usually €1 or €2 – for the use of the glass. We can advise you on how to run your own deposit return scheme or, if required, we can provide a dedicated team to support your event.

On Site Management

We can offer a full 360⁰ service for the management of reusable cups at your event. As part of our consultation, we will determine your specific requirements around delivery, storage, distribution and management. To ensure smooth operations onsite, we will appoint a dedicated team to your event.

Logistics & Storage

As an integral part of our services, we prepare and deliver the reusable cups to your event in our own transport using our own drivers. This gives you the reassurance that we are in control of the whole process.


We would love to work with you!