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Partnerships in production are the backbone of innovation and success, fostering a collaborative environment where each participant brings their unique strengths to the table.  Here at Native Events we thrive on the power of partnerships, recognising that joining forces with like-minded organisations amplifies their impact. One such partnership that exemplifies this ethos is their collaboration with the prestigious St. Patrick’s Festival, an iconic celebration of Irish culture and heritage. 

By teaming up with St. Patrick’s Festival once again this year, we are not only expanding our reach but also infusing our productions with the rich tapestry of Irish tradition, creating truly immersive experiences for attendees. 

The KIA Trash Wave at St. Patrick’s Festival

This year, the St.Patrick’s Festival Quarter installation has merged sustainability and creativity to create a bit of a splash! with one giant Trash Wave. 

The foundations of the Trash Wave – made from melted plastics – ready for the salvaged plastic items to be added.

Native Events along with production partners Forja Works, worked closely with all parties to produce this impressive structure, crafted from reclaimed plastics  – some elements collected directly from the ocean and others rescued before becoming ocean trash. Each reclaimed piece plays a part in the complex story of plastic pollution, while also giving hope for renewal and conservation by focusing on reclaiming and reusing these items.

Salvaged and reclaimed plastic waste, all to be added to the Trash Wave installation


From ropes to plastic nets, discarded bottles and coffee cup lids, every element invites you to pause and ponder the effect these items have on our oceans, but also the potential that can emerge from environmental action and awareness. Plastics were salvaged from the recently closed ReCreate, items of their surplus stock were collected for this structure, ultimately diverting it from landfill and giving it a new purpose as part of this illustrative installation. Repurposed plastic pellets found in each light box are created from reclaimed and recycled plastics which ultimately are used in features of the new Kia EV9.


Planning ahead of the Trash Wave production…

You can see the Trash Wave installation at this years Festival Quarter located in National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks. This entire project came from the continued partnership of St. Patrick’s Festival and Kia, who this year were promoting their new Electric Vehicle the EV9, as well as their passion for Sustainability and the Circular Economy.

With special thanks to Forja Works for their fantastic work on the production of this exciting installation.  Together, Native Events and Forja Works formed a valuable alliance, elevating each other’s capabilities, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in event production.