We understand that every event is unique. Bringing together an event of any size involves managing a lot of moving parts, and we are on hand to ensure that your event has the lowest possible negative environmental impact. With over a decade of event management experience, we bring that perfect mix of technical expertise, flexibility and reliability.

From consultation to the production of all aspects of corporate and cultural events, we can help you with:

Event Management 

Technical Production

Creative Production

Security and Safety

Accreditation & Access Design

Bars and Concessions








Sustainability is not just about reducing the significant environmental impact of events. It also makes sound business sense! Reducing your environmental footprint gives you something to shout about to your customers, while future-proofing your business.

Native Events will work with you to develop and implement Sustainable Event Management (SEM) plans for events of any size, addressing carbon, water, and waste issues.

Our Pragmatic Approach to Sustainable Event Design focuses on:

Environmental Impact Assessments
Material Flow Analysis
Intelligent Waste Management
Smart Power & Solar Solutions
Sustainability Strategies
Traders & Vendors



Native Events has partnered with Zap Concepts. We aim to reduce power generation needs through more accurate specifications for power requirement. In partnership with Zap Concepts we perform energy audits to tailor solutions, save customers money and educate stakeholders

Our approach starts with working with stakeholders - stage managers, sound engineers, lighting technicians, traders and venues, power supply contractors

Onsite, we monitor and audit the power usage and the capacity of generators

Through active management, we can achieve savings of up to 40% on diesel usage = a 40% saving on your diesel bill




We specialise in creating unique immersive experiences at festivals and events both small and large-scale. Our innovative approach, using recycled and upcycled materials wherever possible, ensures that our creations stand out from the crowd. Our creative team of skilled designers, installation artists, carpenters, seamstresses, riggers and lighting designers have the knowledge and expertise to deliver something truly special for your event

Our Teams can Provide: 

Interactive Art Installations

Experiential Marketing

Creative & Upcycled Furniture

Creative Concepts

Set Designs

Light Design

3D Mapping