We offer a 360-degree event management service. From initial consultation to the delivery of a unique and sustainable event, our talented creative team and extensive network of suppliers deliver high-impact events that are light on the environment. Bringing together an event of any size involves managing a lot of moving parts, and we are on hand to ensure that your event has the lowest-possible negative impact on the environment. With over a decade of sustainable event management experience, we bring that perfect mix of technical expertise, flexibility and reliability.

From consultation to the production of all aspects of corporate and cultural events, we can help you with:

Event Management  
Sustainability Solutions
Technical production
Creative production








Sustainability is not just about reducing the significant environmental impact of events. It also makes sound business sense! Reducing your environmental footprint gives you something to shout about to your customers, while future-proofing your business at the same time. Native Events works with customers to develop and implement Sustainable Event Management (SEM) plans for events of any size, addressing carbon, water, and waste issues.

Our Pragmatic Approach to Sustainable Event Design focuses on:
Environmental Impact Assessments
Material Flow Analysis
Intelligent Waste Management
Minimising Carbon Emissions
Responsible Procurement
Ethical Food and Beverage
Smart Power



At Native Events, we are passionate about sustainable event solutions. Our aim is to reduce carbon emissions at every event we work on using customised smart power plans designed by Zap Concepts. Smart power plans optimise the power generation on event sites, are good for the environment, make great financial sense, and make a positive contribution to an event’s green credentials.


Using Zap Concepts Technology:
— We perform energy audits to tailor solutions, save customers money and educate stakeholders
We can reduce customers’ fossil fuel consumption by 40% or more, helping to bring companies in line with emissions targets.
— Through our services, we can reduce localised emissions from particulates and oxides of nitrogen, which have significant health implications for local communities, especially in urban areas.
— We use Zap Concept's unique smart power plan technology to provide a complete inventory of power requirements and a blueprint for matching power generation to the exact needs of every customer. This service can be further supplemented through real-time logging and onsite power management.




We specialise in creating unique immersive experiences for small to large-scale festivals and events. Our innovative approach, using recycled and up-cycled materials wherever possible, ensures that our creations stand out from the crowd.
Our creative team of skilled designers, carpenters, seamstresses, riggers and lighting designers have the knowledge and expertise to deliver something truly special for your event.

Our Teams can Provide: 
Set Designs
Experiential Marketing
Creative Concepts
Interactive art Installations
Light Design
3D Mapping